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Get The Freedom To Move Again

How We Give You The Freedom To Move Again

Athletic Therapy

Giving you back control of your body from aches, pains, injury, with the knowledge needed to propel your rehabilitation and get back your freedom. 


Athletic Therapists use the sports medicine model of care to assess and rehabilitate all kinds of musculoskeletal (muscle, bones, joint) injuries.

ICBC Active Rehabilitation

After a motor vehicle accident we give you a program to get you back to where you were before the accident. We create a specific exercise plan to get you back to work, sports and life with confidence

* ICBC clients are provided with 12 pre-authorized sessions within the first 12 weeks after a MVA.

Exercise Prescription 

After assessing how your body moves and it's past history. You will get a custom done-with-you and do it yourself program to your specific circumstances which insures you will reach your goals as quickly as possible. 

Concussion Management

Providing pre-season baseline concussion testing for sports teams to use as a tool to have the best practice of returning to play. 


Not in sport but a concussion is impacting your life? We can provide instruments and techniques to help decrease symptoms and help you return to life.

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Garett M.

Thank you Britnie for your expertise and care. You have helped me deal with so many old and new injuries and getting my body back working!

Appreciate all you have done! Client for life!

*via Google Reviews

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Sarah S.

Britnie from Hemlock therapy is fantastic. She has helped get me back on the ice from hockey injuries and lays out great instructions that work for rehab at home as well. She will always adjust rehab programs to suite the issues I am having and her programs are customized to what your specific issues are. My partner and I have been seeing her off and on for the past few years and we would recommend her to all our family and friends as well as team mates!!

*via Google Reviews

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Lance A.

Britnie is fantastic! I have multiple issues and she works in all of them. She gives me exercises to work on at home specific to those injuries. I would highly recommend her and Hemlock Athletic Therapy to anyone with an injury or nagging pain! Very professional!!!

*via Google Reviews

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