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Athletic Therapy

While adhering to the sports medicine model of care, your assessment will start with a gait analysis along with functional movements to see how the body moves as a whole, and then zone in on specific areas to find the root of the issue.


Clients can expect pain relief through manual techniques and a plan of action which will be propelled by the goals you have and want to accomplish in subsequent visits. 

ICBC Active Rehabilitation

If you have recently been in a motor vehicle accident you are entitled to active rehab through your ICBC claims coverage. The initial visit will assess the deficits that are limiting you from returning to your full capabilities. Looking at mobility, strength, and the demands of the job to determine the best recovery plan.

Subsequent visits will follow the determined recovery plan, as well as build a tool box with various 

strengthening strategies to maintain and progress their rehabilitation.

* ICBC clients are provided with 12 pre-authorized sessions within the first 12 weeks after a MVA.

Exercise Prescription 
Concussion Baseline Testing and Treatment

The first assessment will look similar to an Athletic Therapy visit, to understand how your body likes to move. With valuable information from the assessment a plan will be determined by the goals you want to accomplish. The plan will include:

  • Individualized workouts 

  • Check-ins between appointments

  • Supporting documents ​

Concussions impact everyone differently. Understanding your specific symptoms and challenges is important in creating a solid road map in the path to recovery.

Baseline testing is an excellent tool that can be used for a smart return-to-play. 

What To Expect


Rachel Y.

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Kind and professional service provided. Britnie helped treat sciatic pain and provided a stretching routine and detailed exercise plans that were tailor made for me. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

*via Google Reviews

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